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   Superconductivity at room temperature and  is higher.

             Experimental acknowledgement

V.L. Derunov, engineer-physicist




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1. May 2005y. Participation with the report in the second International conference The science and the future: ideas which will change the world. Moscow.

                       Site: www.scienceandfure.sgm.ru


 2. October 2005y. Participation with the report in the International conference

            Actual problems of physics of a firm body (PH.F.B-2005) Minsk

                        Section : Highly Temperature Superconductors and metals in special conditions. The report 4.


 3. December 2005y. The publication of article in journal ENGINEER of

                       12 pages 16.


 4. February 2006y. Updating of a site.


 5. February- May 2006y.. Preparation and work on research

                       diamagnetic properties of samples.



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